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  • We are live!

    Very exciting times for Fig/Astro! We have finally released our first single “VR”. It’s been a long journey and we are chuffed out the door to have a single out in the big world. Check it out!VR on Bandcamp It’s also available on streaming services.The cover art is an ‘assemblage’ image by Paddy Lennon Band…

  • First single release

    Incoming! We are releasing the first single from our upcoming album on the 25th May 2024! K9 is the name of the song and explores the relationship between humanity and big-tech. We’re looking forward to finally getting a tune out into the wild. It will be available on the major streaming services from the 25th…

  • Fig/Astro

    Our bid for world domination continues with an increase in social media posts. Andrew has created a collection of looped edits of the songs from the upcoming album. We’ll be releasing them one by one daily on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube. Check them out. InstagramTiktokYouTube Photo by Paulo Nunes Dos Santos – Instagram